• 22/01/2021
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  • 23/01/2021
Casa Feliz Hacienda Getaway #HGJP29#
Hacienda Bay
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For those who cherish their privacy, you can really feel secluded in this duplex at Hacienda where the surroundings are all yours. You can utilize the garden as you please along with your 5 other companions. Fully furnished, fully prepared and awaiting your arrival.


This one is for a group of 6 people that are used to going to Sahel together and wouldn’t imagine doing it with anyone else. They love going to the beach together, chilling in the garden together and even playing fun water sports in the pool together. This one is for you, because of the comfort it provides is the only missing factor in your yearly Sahel trip.

Opening your eyes every day to a sunny view of a large garden is definitely something that could help you relieve some of your city stress and start your day the way you always want to. The beach is always a good idea because summers in Egypt can never pass without at least one visit! So when you’re choosing the house in which you will be spending time, it has to have all the space you need. From modern bedrooms to state of the art kitchen appliances and 2 bathrooms, space and style are two things that definitely describe this house perfectly.

Located in the heart of Sahel, Hacienda is known for its sleek architecture, so even if your chalet is not overlooking the sea, you will definitely be surrounded by a nice view all around you. Peace of mind is going to be the main theme of your trip beginning to end in this unit.

While you forget about what you left behind in Cairo, you will also be enjoying smart TVs, a fully equipped kitchen, on-demand Wi-Fi and Netflix, while also taking comfort in the fact that nothing can go wrong. Our team is available whenever you need for when you need any kind of assistance or maintenance.

As long your luggage is packed, everything else is taken care of. Leave your Sahel trip to us, we know Sahel best!

Enjoy your home away from home.

Air Conditioning
Smart TV
Optional Features
Barbecue Kit
Coffee Machine
Wifi Internet
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