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Happy honeymooning

There is nothing more exciting than planning a honeymoon! This moment comes to the bride and groom as the best opportunity to take a worthy break from the several logistics of planning one’s wedding. So many thrilling topics to discuss especially that the honeymoon is one of the best reasons to ditch work for a while and indulge in the best trip ever!

Planning a honeymoon in winter seems to be a more challenging experience because of weather constraints. Summer appears to be the ideal time to honeymoon because the pace of work is slower and many well-known honeymoon destinations usually attract newlyweds.

However, romantic getaways in winter shouldn't be underestimated at all. Getting married in the colder months-or the most wonderful time of year-allows bride and groom to benefit from so many perks that shouldn’t be overlooked.

If you are considering travel, several destinations may be cheaper and crowds are oftentimes thinner. Some cold-weather destinations even transform into complete winter wonderlands, where couples can take sledge rides, sip hot chocolate in cozy mugs, and give snowmobiling or even skiing a try. Nevertheless, honeymooners craving milder temperatures also have plenty of warm options in beautiful diversified Egypt.

So where in Egypt might the bride and groom want to go in the cold weather? What activities can be done? And is a post-wedding mini-moon getaway an option too?

General planning considerations

  • Start planning early; the perfect timeframe is two to four months prior to the travel dates, especially if you're thinking about traveling abroad.
  • Plan your honeymoon together to have a trip that is tailored to both your desires.
  • Do what you both truly feel like; this is your honeymoon, after all, and it should be personalized to your interests.
  • Search thoroughly and read online reviews of destinations and places that you might be interested in.
  • Think about the accommodation of your choice; would you prefer a private bungalow or a hotel room? a cozy chalet or a wooden cabin? a Jacuzzi or a private pool? a whole house, a studio or a furnished apartment? The choices are truly numerous and they can all be catered to your preferences.
  • Set a budget for your honeymoon and be aware of hidden costs.

Egypt’s destinations

justpack Winter in most parts of Egypt is rarely grey and gloomy. Even when it’s cold, one can enjoy sunny days almost every day. Egypt’s winter honeymoons can take newlyweds from pristine beaches to fresh snow as the country offers an abundance of places to visit and explore.

Another advantage for honeymooning in Egypt that can never be found in any other country is that Egypt combines various types of tourism that meet all preferences and wishes. From cultural tourism-or what is referred to as historical tourism related to visiting and observing the timeless treasures of the ancestors-to recreational tourism, desert tourism, eco-tourism, and finally diving and sea activities tourism, Egypt is simply one of the most generous countries with what it has to offer a couple of newlyweds who will only need to justPack!



Even if you were born and raised in Cairo, you can still change hats and be a tourist on your honeymoon in order to discover the many gems this bustling city has to offer. Cairo, lovingly referred to it as the Mother of the World or “Omm el Dunia” has long been a cradle of civilization, with an astonishing buzz that testifies of a city that truly never sleeps. A blend of old and new, Cairo is just perfect to explore and appreciate Egypt’s extensive culture.

What to do

Things to discover in Cairo are uncountable; the highlights are the Pyramids of Giza, Saqqara and Dahshur, Coptic Cairo, Islamic Cairo, Museums, Al-Muizz Street, The Citadel, Khan el Khalili, Qorba Street, Heliopolis’ and Downtown’s palaces, El Azhar Park, Zamalek and The Nile to name a few.


Where to stay

Honeymooners can also enjoy many accommodation possibilities.

  • Booking a hotel room or suite: Cairo offers uncountable options to suit all budgets and tastes ranging from fancy luxurious to cozy boutique hotels. Some of these renowned chains are: The Four Seasons, Marriot Mena House, Kempinski Nile Hotel, Hotel Sofitel Cairo, Conrad Cairo, Fairmont Nile City, and The Nile Ritz Carlton.
  • Renting a property: Experience Cairo in the comfort of a real home shared for the first time with your spouse with more space, facilities, privacy and flexibility than a conventional hotel.
    • Booking.com offers many homes and furnished apartments all around Cairo.
    • Airbnb also puts forward several options that meet honeymooners’ preferences.
    • JustPack proposes a one-of-a-kind luxury vacation service to honeymooners who seek real luxury, comfort and serenity. JustPack’s properties are methodically selected and all equipped with second-to-none amenities in the of heart of Cairo.


Egypt is located on the shores of the Red Sea, Suez Gulf, Aqaba Gulf as well as the Mediterranean Sea. Thus, if you are sea lovers, you will find your joy and relaxation during the cold winter season on the shores of the Red Sea and especially in El-Gouna. (we can add a link to the first article here).

What to do

Honeymooners will delight at the pure crystal waters and the charming coastal beaches in dazzling El-Gouna. The picture-perfect town has all it takes to make your honeymoon a memorable relaxing holiday. In El-Gouna, the happy couple can tan, swim, snorkel, kitesurf, windsurf, water-ski, waterboard or even play tennis, squash, horseback ride, golf, go-karting, play mini-golf and bike. El-Gouna simply has it all!
Moreover, if you would like to take up a new activity to do together, consider diving in the Red Sea. The Red Sea has ideal conditions in winter and continues on with excellent visibility,

vibrant coral reefs and thriving marine life. Many centers offer scuba diving courses and certifications for honeymooners who wish to “buddy together” as they explore the sea’s superb depths.

Where to stay

Hotels in El-Gouna suit all budgets and vary from utterly luxurious to simple and cozy. Nevertheless, for a real wholesome experience, we recommend renting a vacation property and living the lavish life of a real Gouna resident during your honeymoon period. Once you justPack, you don’t need to worry about anything anymore. Simply arrive in El-Gouna and everything else will be discreetly and swiftly taken care of by your vacation rental service for you newlyweds to start your life together on a sunny note! (add a link to first article here too)

Ain-El Sokhna

Al-Ain al-Sokhna is a town in the Suez Governorate, lying on the western shore of the Red Sea's Gulf of Suez and situated 120 kilometers east of Cairo. The advantage of Ain El-Sokhna is its perfect proximity to Cairo, allowing honeymooners to benefit from the beauty of the Red Sea and the splendors of the Egyptian capital.

What to do

Ain el Sokhna is a small cozy and warm town that has an atmosphere you just don't find in larger cities. Ain Sokhna is translated into “the Hot Spring” in Arabic, which refers to the sulfur springs flowing from Gebel Ataqa. The town enjoys sunshine all around the year, a cool refreshing breeze from the Red Sea, crystal clear waters and amazing sandy beaches. It is a perfect location for going deep-sea fishing, camping, windsurfing and kitesurfing among other offered activities.

Where to stay

Whether you opt for a hotel room or vacation property, the possibilities are again numerous. Check out booking.com, Airbnb and JustPack to find what suits your likings most.
Some of the best resorts in Ain el Sokhna are: Stella di Mar Grand hotel, Movenpick Resort, Porto Sokhna Beach, Palmera Azur Beach Resort, Cancun Sokhna Resort, Coral Sea Beach, Ocean Blue, Green Sudr Hotel, The Saint Regis almaza Hotel and Jazz Little Venice Golf Resort.

Luxor and Aswan

Luxor and Aswan cities are located in southern Egypt. They have nearly half of the world’s monuments and they are the best place to spend your winter honeymoon as the sun rises for more than 8 hours a day in winter. Both Luxor and Aswan are characterized by their incomparable historical sites; Luxor specifically is renowned for being the world’s greatest open air museum because of its unique archaeological treasures.

What to do

Newlyweds can visit the Temple of Karnak and attend the Sound and Light Show held every night as it is a superb way to discover this temple. You can also visit the Valley of the Kings and the Queens, the Temple of Deir Al-Bahari, the Kom Ombo Temple, The Nubian Village and Abu Simbel Temple.

Where to stay

Accommodation options in Luxor and Aswan are uncountable. Some of those are the Nubian Eco Village, Steigenberger Resort Achti, Sofitel Winter Palace, Soneta Saint-George Convention Center, Djorff Palace, Nefertiti, Hotel Luxor Workshop and Old Cataract Aswan.
On the other hand, honeymooners can experience a luxury cruise on the Nile in Luxor and Aswan around the greatest ancient monuments mentioned above.


Siwa is the paradise of the desert! Serenely isolated in the western corner of the Western Desert, Siwa is the soothing addition to the bustle of Egypt. This gorgeous little oasis, surrounded by date palm plantations and numerous hot-water springs is one of the Western Desert's most breathtaking spots.

What to do

Siwa town is centered around the ruins of the Fortress of Shali which dominates the view. Honeymooners can visit the various temple remnants, including the Temple of the Oracle, but they can also wind down and go slow for a few days. Other activities include camping in the desert, sand safari, sand boarding and even biking.

Where to stay

Some of the hotels are: Dream Lodge Hotel, Nour el Waha Hotel, Siwa Shali Resort, Siwa Relax Retreat. Honeymooners can also try the several available eco-lodges or even the many local camps available.


Located almost 100 km southwest of Cairo, the Fayoum Oasis is one of Egypt’s most biodiverse and delightful destinations. Fayoum truly has it all: ancient treasures and charms, a rich and colorful ecosystem, delectable Egyptian cuisine, schools of pottery, waterfalls in the middle of the desert and many unique perks that would make a Fayoum honeymoon simply memorable.

What to do

Fayoum is an outstanding choice for bird watching due to it being calm and serene. There you can also trek to places like Wadi-El-Rayan or Wadi el Hitan to see the whale fossils calmly spread about in the cold desert. You can also learn how to make pottery, sand board, sand safari, bike or even explore the lake

Where to stay

Fayoum offers many accommodation options. Some of the hotels are Tache Boutique Hotel, Lazib Inn Resort and Spa, Mangrove Camp Fayoum, Tunis Palace Fayoum, Villa M45 Byoum, Dar El Baraka and Marassi Tunis.

Other fantastic destinations

Sharm el Sheikh, Dahab, Sahl Hasheesh, Hurghada, Ras Sidr, Safaga, Ras Gharib, Taba and Marsa Alam have turned into an extremely well-known all-year-long beach spots in the recent couple of years especially if you are interested in scuba diving and other water sports.
Stay tuned for more for detailed feature articles about each of these destinations in our upcoming releases

Winter honeymoon warmth and bliss

There’s something unquestionably magical about a perfect winter scene. For newlyweds who are having a winter wedding, chances are, you already have a fondness of the season and all it has to offer. On a winter honeymoon in Egypt, you can participate in countless activities that can simply make your trip unforgettable. The best part of winter in Egypt is that one can visit many iconic sights and beaches while enjoying the most clement weather.