Guests’ FAQs

Guests’ FAQs

Easy and practical: Pick a destination, select your filters (number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, resort or area of choice) then your check-in and check-out dates. You will then be given many choices that match your preferences; you can compare and contrast selected properties and save your preferences. Once you find what you are looking for, you can proceed to booking immediately. The minute you pay the deposit, your booking is confirmed. If the property you like is not available on your chosen dates, you will be suggested similar ones to select from.

No extra fees or charges. The invoice details the cost of the utilities you select based on your personal usage. The housekeeping charge is paid once, except if you request it again. Variables include beach access cards as dictated by your chosen resort; these change on a yearly basis and from one resort to another. We include details about beach access fees in the “Resort Rules” section of each property. While rental fees are paid directly on the app, beach cards’ fees are settled with the Customer Care team.

In order to confirm your booking, you have to settle the deposit on the app (secure payment). The deposit varies according to the units and their specificity. You need to settle the bill in its totality on your arrival date before checking-in and the handing-in of the key. Deposit payment could also be done in cash at our offices. We will lock your selected dates on the calendar only when the payment is completed. Bank transfers are also possible. We will lock your selected dates on the calendar when we receive the payment in our account.

Yes, there is a security deposit payable in cash before handing in the unit’s keys. The security deposit varies from one unit to the other based on the unit itself and what it contains. As a guest, you have 48 hours following check-in to inform the Customer Care team of any pre-existing damage with pictures or videos. Any other damage reported afterwards by the operations’ team will be deducted from the security deposit. Otherwise the full amount is returned to you in cash following check-out.

In order to extend your booking, check first if the unit is available on the dates you want. If the unit is available, then proceed to booking directly on the app. If the extension time doesn’t align with the minimum stay duration dictated by the unit owner, then you can call the Customer Care team who will check if extending is possible. If so, you will be then sent a link to complete the payment.

Cancellation follows a strict policy. You can cancel your trip 24 hours following confirmation if the trip is scheduled two weeks from that date and get a full refund (aligned with your mode of payment) through the Customer Care team. Cancellation after 24 hours of the booking date is possible; nevertheless, your deposit and the beach access fees will not be refunded. It is also done with the Customer Care team.

The Customer Care and Hospitality teams follow you from the minute you book until your check-out from the unit. 30 minutes following your booking -if done during office hours-you will receive a phone call from the Customer Care team: they will go over the property’s rules and regulations with you then check the number of guests and take copies of their IDs in order to proceed. They will also restate the cancellation and payment policies and the additional beach access cards’ charges that need to be settled at least 4 days before your arrival to be ready on your arrival day (delays unfortunately affect access to the beach). 4 days before your check-in date, the team calls you again to complete any missing information or settlements and finalize all preparations. Our hospitality team will contact you on the day of your check-in and send you the exact location of the vacation rental then wait for you to complete your check-in as smoothly as possible. Upon arrival, you should finalize the payment of the fees and the security deposit before you receive the key to your unit.

We operate exactly as a hotel and that is why early check-ins and late check-outs are cumbersome and complicated and can delay our operations. Servicing our units-housekeeping and maintenance-takes place at the same time every day for optimization and standardization. Check our loyalty program perks for more details.

In-stay or daily housekeeping can be provided for additional fees. You can schedule housekeeping with the Customer Care team and settle the fees according to the rules and terms of the unit.

If you break something at the property, first you take a picture of the damage then you send it to the Customer Care team immediately. When checking you out, the team will deduct the necessary amount from the security deposit you had already paid.

Yes, all properties are equipped with basic amenities among which we list: cable TV, kettle, microwave, and basic kitchen appliances. Additional amenities might be available in some units too. Check our Loyalty Program for more perks.

We don’t. The season is short and cancellations might be frequent. Only a confirmed booking and a paid deposit guarantee your dates.