Justpack - about us

JustPack’s Story

How it all started

A heated discussion in January 2020 between Ahmed Kassab, Amr Yassin, Omar el Gamal, and Hesham Fouad, the four young co-founders, highlighted the real estate and hospitality markets in Egypt and the pressing need to reconcile both but also leverage technology to guide higher quality and throughput to serve these two industries. Egyptians invested heavily in real estate yet most homes remain unused and become sitting assets that might lose their value with time. The idea was to transform these assets into income- generating ones while providing high-quality short-stay rental homes for those who need them. March 2020 saw the birth of JustPack in the midst of the pandemic that shock the whole world but strongly confirmed the co-founders’ belief in their idea.


What JustPack is:

The vacation rental experience for homeowners and guests in Egypt hasn’t been the most optimal for many years due to several persistent factors.

On one hand, vacationers have always stressed over booking the right home for their couple, family and friends with hundreds of properties to choose from and hosts to deal with.
On the other hand, homeowners truly worried that that their homes wouldn’t receive exceptional care without paying unreasonable fees because of the very limited reliable property management options.

JustPack came with the mission to solve these recurrent problems for vacation rental owners and travelers by offering a consistent, dependable and most importantly luxurious and hassle-free vacation rental experience.
The pandemic has shown us all that we genuinely need more quality time with the people we love and that human connection and celebrating meaningful moments together are without any doubt crucial to our core as human being. That’s why JustPack is here to facilitate this connection while removing all obstacles that can hinder vacationing.

That is also why JustPack is not just a booking platform like others on the market. JustPack sets the standards for quality in a world where quantity is abundant but distinct quality is hard to find.

At JustPack, our mission is to find, inspect and list the finest vacation homes in order for travelers to enjoy and connect with their loved ones without any worries. Our mission is also to maintain and care for the homes that we have rigorously assessed and provide homeowners with a guaranteed service they can rely on.
When you JustPack, you are dealing with professional experts who follow systematic processes and procedures that match homes with travelers.

JustPack offers a quality standard that all can trust.


Where JustPack is today:
JustPack today is a leader on the local market with more than 120 evaluated vacation rental stays, 75000 active users on the app and 3500+ guests. These numbers are all projected to triple by the end of summer 2022. JustPack’s leadership team is investing in, testing and perfecting the technology with new app and website versions developed regularly.

Why JustPack:
The answer is simple: because of the distinctiveness of what we offer. What differentiates JustPack from any other vacation rental platform is a comprehensive system of processes that guarantee excellence. Every listed property is thoroughly checked by experts who follow carefully-developed and detailed checklists that include maintenance, amenities and cleanliness criteria. Our Customer Care and Hospitality teams accompany guests from the moment they check in until they return the keys and check out and make sure their stay is comfortable and relaxing. JustPack’s teams are on the ground before the seasons start and then every day of the season to ensure guests’ comfort but also homes’ preservation and maintenance. At JustPack, we care for the properties we hand-pick, the owners we collaborate with and the guests that will use these units for short or long periods during their vacations.

What JustPack aspires to become


JustPack’s vision is to gain the reputation as the most diverse holiday rental collection of luxurious stays in Egypt.

The short term goal Is to grow the users’ database substantially, perfect the technology, automate the operations and grow the supply of properties. The co-founders are also aiming to sign properties across Egypt in regions that are both captivating and still unknown to the touristic masses.

Another short term objective is to collaborate with prominent and successful property management companies across Egypt to deliver the highest standards of vacation rentals under the platform of JustPack and following JustPack guidelines of selection, inspection and hospitality guides.

The long term goal Is to become the one and only go-to high-quality property rental app and in-stay service in North Africa and the Gulf. It is also to build an inclusive community of justpackers from all over the globe who choose JustPack every single time knowing that properties have been meticulously vetted and checked on their behalf.