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Do you own a property
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Why JustPack?

We strongly believe that as an owner, you should be able to share the value,
freedom and pride of your home with travelers from around the world.

Our mission

Our teams are trained to make sure that this should be done responsibly and with the best interests of the owners, guests and neighborhoods in mind.

Your Guests

Our goal is for your guests to experience the warmth of your home, while our people are there 24/7 to provide a seamless experience from booking to check-out.

Hassle-free management

Managing and marketing a vacation rental requires a lot of time and effort. Hiring a property manager can give you back that time, while also increasing your bottom line.

Transparent management

Hiring a property manager can give you back time, while also increasing your bottom line. JustPack is trustworthy because we are competitive and transparent about all our services and their associated costs.

Our edge

Our professional teams and industry-driven technology work together to drive more revenue for you, while delivering the highest standards of service for every home and every stay every single time.

Lucrative partnership

With our standardized maintenance and housekeeping processes, leading technology and powerful marketing, we make sure you earn more from each booking.

Our technology and processes mean
more safety

for your home, and a modern experience for
you and your guests.

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One app for all your needs

We have centralized all your needs in one easy-to-use app that compiles everything you need to track as a homeowner.

Login to your property's management portal

Manage all your properties

Monitor your growing income

Monitor booking details or reserve your own trip

Keep track your expenses

Interested? Let’s get you started


All you have to do at this point is contact us to send a few pictures of your property and some details about it.


If the unit aligns with our standards, we will schedule a thorough meticulous inspection
that follows a precise checklist.


Our collaboration starts when your property passes our assessment. This is when onboarding begins and contract signing is scheduled.

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What to expect


Following the contract signature, Just Pack’s team will assess if the unit needs additional maintenance and will then proceed accordingly to prepare it for quality rental.


The homeowner can block any dates on the calendar for their own trips. These dates become immediately unavailable for other guests.


Just Pack’s teams control the rest of the calendar (dates that are not reserved for homeowner) and accept bookings only after vetting guests.


Preparing the unit, laundry, housekeeping, check-in, guest receiving, orientation and follow up are done by Just Pack’s professional teams.


The Customer Care team remains at the guests’ disposition 24/7 to ensure maintenance services, housekeeping or any additional requests from guests.


Check-out is completed when the unit is checked for all amenities or damage and according to the highest standards.


Payment is settled with homeowners on a trip by trip basis.

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